Garlic Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

Everyone loves bacon and this cook takes it to the next level.

For this cook we are using a 8 lbs Pork Loin we purchased at a local grocery store.  They are typically in a Cryovac bag.  

Today we're using our Traeger Timberline 1300 pellet grill.

We'll include some links below for various products for this cook.

8 lbs Pork Loin | 4 Hour Cook | Apple Pellets





Trim any excess fat off your pork loin.  Make sure to remove any silver skin as well as any larger hard fat.

This is a large cut being 8 lbs.  so we are cutting in half.  This allows us to wrap in bacon a little easier and much easier to handle on and off the smoker.

We are going to inject this cut so we get maximum moisture and flavour.  Set both halves in a foil pan and inject in a checker board patter.  Mix the injection to 700ml or about 3 cups.  Use all the injection.

Now we are going to stuff with garlic.  Take one large head of garlic, peel and cut gloves in 1/2.  Put the cut cloves in a bowl and fill with boiling water.  This part of the process allows the garlic to soften.  Now remove after about 10 minutes and stuff the pork loin.  You're going to make 1" deep incisions in a checker board pattern and stuff with garlic.  

Place in the refrigerator overnight.


Since this is only a 4 hour or so cook, we don't have to worry too much about a lot of preparation as we took care of the trim, injection, and stuffing of the pork loin last night so you will need a good 1 1/2 hours to prepare for this cook on the day of so keep that in mind.

We do have a few steps left prior to getting the pork loin on and that's applying our rubs and wrapping in bacon.

For this cook we are going to use a basket weave bacon wrap so if you're not familiar with it check that out prior.  It's very easy and makes a nice 'net' over the pork loin and since we cut the 8 lbs pork loin in half, this is a perfect size for the length of the bacon to make full coverage.  Use regular bacon and not thick cut bacon.  The thinner bacon will render much better.

Step one is to get your bacon weave on parchment paper.  You're going to use the entire pound of bacon for the weave so it covers the entire pork loin.  The reason for making the weave on parchment paper is it's now very easy to 'roll' over the pork loin.

Step two is applying the rubs.  First we are going to apply Lane's Sweet Heat to the pork loin.   You can be liberal here.  It's a larger cut so it can take the rub well.  Next place the seasoned pork loin on the bacon weave, roll the weave over the loin and remove parchment paper.  Now apply Meat Church Honey Hog seasoning to the bacon wrapped loin.

Repeat the process for the other pork loin and let sit out for an hour or so.



This is a fairly easy and short cook being about 4 hours so adjust your on time accordingly.  Now keep in mind if you need to make sides at the end of the cook this needs to rest for about 30 minutes.

Today for this cook we are setting our Traeger  at 225 degrees.  This would work well on a charcoal grill set up for indirect cooking and adding some Apple Hardwood Chucks to the charcoal to impart smoke.  

Get the pork loins on the smoker and insert a meat probe in both.  Set a probe alarm for 130 degrees.  Our actual pull temperature is 140 degrees but we want to set at 130 degrees just so we get notified they are close.

Pull off at 140 degrees and place on a tray and tent with foil.  Let rest for at least 30 minutes prior to slicing.


Now that you've let these rest for 30 minutes or so you can slice using a non perforated slicing knife.  If you don't have one, it's a good idea to get one.  They make the job not only easier but don't tear the meat when slicing.

Slice in 1 inch thick slices and serve them on a platter.