Cherry Cookwood Logs - 20kg Bag

Cherry Cookwood Logs - 20kg Bag

Cherry Cookwood Logs - 20kg Bag

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Furtado Farms

Cookwood Logs are seasons one year at a minimum in the great outdoors. They’re cut into 12″ lengths and split into a diameter of approximately 2″-4″ to fit most smoker fireboxes.

These logs are perfect for offset smokers, barrel smokers, charcoal and wood grills, as well as pizza ovens.

With a lower moisture content than our Cookwood Chunks, they burn hotter and longer producing maximum heat output all while providing plenty of smoke and flavour in the process.

They’re great for starting a fire, burning logs down into coals and grilling over, creating 100% natural coals for cooking!

They handle wood carefully.

At Furtado Farms, each piece of wood is affectionately split, sized and packaged by hand… a true wood craft experience.

Each piece of cookwood is touched lovingly, by our experienced, not so tender hands.

Furtado Farms takes wood seasoning extremely seriously, they have to, they are regularly checked, tested and have an exceptional track record when it comes to quality and superior product production.

All bundles are aprox 10kg

Cherry Cookwood Logs - 20kg Bag
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